Contested Wills Berwick

You think you have been unjustly treated in the will of a deceased family member? Neal Collins Lawyers are in Berwick, ready to fight for you.

I have successfully challenged hundreds of unfair wills for over 50 years with 100% success rate

The will is not just? Let’s rectify it

Are you disappointed with the will of a deceased relative. Do you think you are a legitimate heir and that you are entitled to a fair share of the person’s estates? Here at Neal Collins Lawyers, we are experts in the matter of contested wills. We verify the validity of the will and check whether it is according to law. If not, we can fight for a redistribution of the departed person’s estates so that you are rightfully provided for.  On the other hand, if you wish to defend a will that is being contested, our lawyers are readily available for that job too.

Call us for an appointment. We will evaluate your situation and see whether we can offer you a ‘No Win No Fee’ advantage in your case.