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    Police Charges – Court Appearances – Serious Driving Offenses 

    When charged with a criminal or police offense, it’s vitally important to receive expert advice as soon as possible. Saying or doing the wrong thing can be detrimental to your case, but as a leading Melbourne expert criminal lawyer based in Berwick and St Kilda, we can be there to guide you.

    We have extensive experience in all criminal and police matters, which allows us to give you the best picture of your options and the likely outcome of each scenario. Get an expert criminal lawyer in Melbourne lawyer who will fight for the best outcome for your case – Neal Collin lawyers partner with Melbourne’s best barristers to represent you in court.

    Based on the experience gained from hundreds of past cases, we can advise you on whether to plead guilty or not guilty. We can also guide you on how to achieve the best results from a guilty plea, with character evidence and expert psychologist evidence. In many cases, we seek a Diversion Order or Good Behaviour Bond.

    Contact the experienced Melbourne lawyers in Berwick and St. Kilda for a free quote, based on an honest assessment of your legal situation.
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