Family Law Dandenong

People in every family experience all sorts of difficulties, some more important than others; some which can be settled through discussion, others which will eventually require legal intervention.

What does family law entail?

Family law encapsulates everything that individuals in a family can face after legal action is undertaken to settle a problem. Divorce issues, child or spousal support, custody of dependants, adoption, protection from abuse, termination of parental rights, division of assets following a divorce… All these are matters that are commonly dealt with in a lawyer cabinet handling family law issues. A good lawyer will not only assist the client by assessing their legal rights and advising them in their course of action, they will also help them through one of the most difficult experiences in their life.

At Neal Collin Lawyers, we possess the litigating and negotiating skills necessary to conduct your case in Dandenongand protect your best interests.