Family Law South Eastern Suburbs

With extensive experience in court proceedings and proven know-how in legal practice, Neal Collin Lawyers can take charge of your case for your benefit and that of your family.

Family matters, so does your choice of lawyer

We know that it can be a delicate thing to be engaged in legal action against a member of your family. Divorce proceedings for example, or an action to obtain the guardianship of a child, can be a thorny and problematic situation to tackle for the people involved. While in the best of circumstances things can be settled amiably, sometimes it cannot be helped that things may turn bad. It is very advisable for any individual that they prepare themselves for any turn of events, as the outcome of a family law case that does not suit you will impact your life for a long amount of time.

Don’t jeopardise your future or that of your child. Trust Neal Collin Lawyers to provide you with excellent lawyer service in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.