Financial Property Settlement South Eastern Suburbs

When a couple is separating, often they need to go through the process of dividing the property they have been sharing. In this case, it can be crucial to seek advice and guidance from a lawyer.

We get you a fair share of the property

Are you being cheated out of your fair share of the property? Neal Collin Lawyers have the most experienced lawyers who can help you get what you deserve. Before dividing a property, it is important to first identify and value the assets, and second, the contribution of each party over the years need to be evaluated. This will help determine who will get what percentage of the property. Our lawyers will make sure that all these steps are followed lawfully and that you are treated justly during the financial property settlement whether it takes place in or out of court.

Neal Collin Lawyers offer excellent and top-notch service in the South eastern suburbs. Contact us for an appointment, we are waiting to hear about your case.