Recovery Orders Berwick

Your child has been taken away from you? Neal Collins Lawyers are present in Berwick to help you regain and maintain custody of your son or daughter.

Your child’s place is with you!

Is your kid away from you? Are you spending sleepless nights worrying about your loved one’s safety? We can help you get a Recovery Order which will set in motion a set of procedures to recover your child. Police officers will be instructed to find, recover and bring back your kid. If he or she was taken far, it may take a while for the latter to be brought back home. In this case, the court order may provide directions to officers undertaking the job to take care of the little one till the time he or she is returned to you. Furthermore, sanctions may be taken against anyone who tries to take your child again.

Our lawyers are dedicated and unrelenting. You can trust us to bring your child back to you safe and sound. Contact us, we can bring you solace in your difficult time.