Wills and Power of Attorney Dandenong

When you have reached a certain age it is expected that you should take the necessary precautions in view of division of property, when the time comes for you to pass. You may also want to make sure that someone trustworthy is managing your affairs in Dandenong.

Ensure proper handling of your affairs and sharing of your property

By setting up a will and power of attorney, you are taking the necessary measures to facilitate certain dealings following your passing and in situations where you would be unable to perform certain duties. With the power of attorney, you are allowing another party to act in your name to handle your affairs, business dealings and legal matters. It is necessary to do so when one is unable to act in the view of circumstances such as a death, absence or physical incapacity. The will will of course allow the sharing of your assets and property to be done in an orderly way, according to your wishes.

In both cases, Neal Collin Lawyers can help you to draft the document and implement all legal proceedings in an effective way. We will see to the good management of your affairs and ensure good relations among your heirs after your passing.