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    Deceased Estates & Contested Wills

    Expert Contested Will Lawyers Melbourne

    Deceased Estates & Contested Wills Berwick & St. Kilda

    We specialise in contested will cases. No Win, No Fee.

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    Our success rate is flawless, and if we don’t win – you don’t pay.

    If you have been unfairly left out of a will or have not received a fair share, there are legal provisions in the Administration and Probate Act 1958 that allow you to challenge the will to achieve a just outcome. Neal Collin has a 100% success rate in contested wills cases, and we are so confident in our ability to win cases that if we take on your case and it’s not successful – you don’t pay our fees.

    After reading the contents of a will, if you are not fairly treated or if there is some doubt about the will maker’s understanding of their assets and how they would be distributed, Victorian law allows six months (or more in exceptional circumstances) for legal proceedings to begin. During this time, we can assess your case free of charge to advise you of whether you could have a claim.

    Our ultimate goal is to resolve the issue through mediation – all parties sit down in a controlled environment and attempt to come to a resolution. We will advocate for you through this process, keeping you informed of your rights and the financial consequences of each decision.

    Bringing contested will cases to court is expensive, and in many cases the costs come out of the estate – so it is in everybody’s best interest to resolve the case out of court. However, if the matter can’t be resolved through mediation, Neal Collin will advise you on how to proceed and how much it is likely to cost, based on his experience as one of the most expert contested will lawyers in Melbourne.

    We’ll guide you through the process with integrity and expertise. Your first consultation is free at our offices in St Kilda, Berwick, or remotely – get an honest assessment of your case from the expert contested will lawyers in Melbourne who win.  And remember, if Neal Collin takes your case and we don’t win, you don’t pay our fees.

    Deceased Estates (Probate)

    Berwick | St. Kilda

    We specialise in probate applications

    As the executor of a deceased estate, it’s in everyone’s best interests to ensure the entitlements and funds are distributed swiftly and correctly to beneficiaries. Neal Collin Lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of deceased estates, and we are determined to apply to the court for Grant of Probate without delay and to distribute the estate to beneficiaries according to the will.

    This experience allows us to navigate the complexities of all aspects of deceased estates, expediting the probate process with the aim of distributing assets without unnecessary delay.

    Get a quote free of charge, as we assess your needs to provide an accurate figure of the costs and fees to go forward.

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    We are still operating remotely through the Covid-19 situation as it unfolds. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us online, by phone, or contact Neal Collin directly on 0419 993 800 to receive personal, prompt communication.